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This site is very much a 'Work In Progress'. We felt it better than blank screen with 'Site under Construction'


Surrey Capri Club are a group of Capri enthusiasts generally from Surrey & the surrounding areas, but a few from farther afield.
We meet once a month and also attend shows, fairs and other events throughout the year.
Whether you are a Capri owner, be it on the road or in pieces in the garage, or just an enthusiast, all are welcome to the monthly gathering where we chat about anything and everything but especially Capri related things

Each owner makes their Capri their own in whatever way they please.

Long live the Ford Capri and long live Surrey Capri Club.

Other News

Calvin Ware who has been a Co-Chairman of SCC for the past 8 years has stood down as Chairman due to personal circumstances. During the past years the club has grown having hosted 7 years of the Capris at The Ace Café and the 45th and 50th anniversary celebrations at Brooklands whilst also attending many, many shows, fairs and charity events.

Calvin with his amazing Capri will remain an active member of

Surrey Capri Club!

   Capri 50th SCC

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