The 2021 show season should be starting soon but is not due to current Covid restrictions.  

A few currently planned for this year:-

   Ardingly Autojumble         23rd May                  Sunday

   Holland                               11th - 13th June       Friday-Sunday

  Wonderland, Nottingham  27th - 28th June       Saturday-Sunday

   Old Ford Rally, Gaydon    18th July                  Sunday

   Simply Ford, Beaulieu       18th July                  Sunday

   Cranleigh                            1st August                Sunday

   Ace Cafe - SCC                  7th August                Saturday

   Camberley Car Show        14th August              Saturday

   Holland(South)                  3rd - 5th September Friday to Sunday

   OhSoRetro                         26th September         Sunday

Also all of the Breakfast Car meets have stopped due to current Covid restrictions. 



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The Capri calendar from iDesign shows some good capri pictures. 

Just search for Capri calendar and click the link to iDesign in Orkney.      Cost is £7.99

If you're a camera buff or just like snapping that interesting pose on your phone, your photo could be used in next year's calendar 2022.

Does this apply to you?   'LED lights and the MOT' 

The latest update to the MOT inspection manual(DVSA) reads:-

"Existing halogen headlamp units should not be converted to be used with High Intensity Discharge(HID) or Light Emitting Diode(LED) bulbs. If such a conversion has been done, you must FAIL the headlamp. The clarification applies to all voluntary-tested VHI and modern classics"


A number of classic vehicles have been stolen over recent months.

Do your best to Protect Yours!

Don't let the 'Toe-Rags' take your Pride and Joy


© 2021 Surrey Capri Club

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