Nick Wharton - MK 3 3.0sNick Wharton - MK 3 3.0s
I purchased this Capri (A565 MLJ) in 1994 as an insurance write off. It originally started it's life as a 2.0s Silver Calypso limited edition with stripes down each side, it was bought with the intention of only using it's immaculate interior, for my other 3.0s Capri (FUF 999V). But after a few years of being stored in various peoples garages, (thank-you), I decided to restore her and she was sent off for a complete re-spray. Unfortunately the person doing the job went bust and ruined my lovely car. So she went back into storage again!!

Eight long years later after being moved around, and lots of moaning and nagging from my partner Kelly, (my very patient partner) I finally found the enthusiasm and money to get her back on the road, but it's still very slow going! As I am a complete Capri nut I have loads of spares from the twenty previously owned Capri's I have owned, dating right back to the early V4's.

Work is now well underway and she is having a 2.9 Scorpio Injection engine and lots of other modifications. Hopefully she will end up Cosworth Imperial Blue and be parked up next to the other Surrey Capri members at future summer shows, it's not the same going to a car show without your Capri. So watch this space for future updates.
Nick has made progress since writing this, an engine, gearbox, propshaft and some other parts have been fitted, not everything has gone to plan, but progress is definitely being made. Good luck Nick, we all look forward to an update. 
Nick has been busy over the last six months, here is an update on his progress so far.

Oct 06
Engine built including balanced and polished crank, lightened Flywheel and ported cylinder heads. Fabricated and repositioned Front Crossmember + 5 speed gearbox fitted.

Dec 06
Granada Scorpio 2.8i with EFI Injection Engine installed but requires plumbing and electrics.

Jan 07
Interior floorpan rust patches cut and welded then completely painted with Hammererite. Dash and gauges fitted, interior parts located and part fitted.

Mar 07
Brake Servo refurbished. Front strut brace fitted, Bonnet and passenger door aligned and fitted so that new patent front wing could be fitted. Replacement wing extremely bad fit so welded a new section onto patent wing to decrease the gap between door and wing. Gap was gone however warped the new wing in the process. Secondhand wing sourced but needs work before fitting. Adjustable Coilover Front Struts with 200lb springs with roller top mounts sourced and fitted with 2.8i vented discs and adjustable TCA's.

May 07
Rear axle removed and underside floorpan painted. Replacement 375 Rear Axle stripped, cleaned and painted with the addition of external drain plug and oil filler fitted to axle casing. New 16 point adjustable Spax shocks, new drums, single leaf springs and CCI rear axle location kit fitted and polybushed throughout. New brake pipes fabricated using copper pipe, 2.8i petrol tank with swirl pot refurbished and fitted. 2.8i Manifolds with Janspeed mild steel exhaust system painted and fitted. New rear wheel bearings fitted
Update  25/8/07
Nicks capri has now been re-sprayed, it's back in his garage waiting for him to complete the restoration. More photo's can be found on the club forum.
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