Calvin Ware - Mk3 2ltr Cabaret II (Pre Restoration)
My Capri was purchased in July 2010 after long thought about actually buying the car from my childhood, this was because 2 of my friends already owned them and i didn't want to seem like was just going with the crowd. But when i finally decided i was getting one and this rare example fell into my lap i couldn't pass it up. As you can see when i first had a test drive, it wasn't the original looking shape it is now. Soon after picking it up i removed the fog lights and the old skool ford stickers (roof bars remained with the previous owner) and replaced them with Surrey Capri Club stickers.
The original wheels were steels 5j extremely thin and rusted badly. I changed these over for a set of pepperpots i purchased from a fellow member with tyres and instantly the car was transformed. I originally wanted to keep the car original but there were a few more issues with it than was first realised. Since then i have updated the interior from the original gray one
to a Black "S" interior
with gray stripes as the original seats are so warn you had bars digging into your back making the ride painfull.
I may fix these one day but for now they are in storage. When i got these seats i also aquired for free the underside of the dashboard. So i don't remove the original stereo i now plan to use these
extra bits to create a standard stereo slot where the cigarette and ash tray sit. Then its easily reversed in the future. At christmas i managed to win a set of my dream wheels, 7J Wolfrace Slot Mags and they suit the car so well. To attend to the rust i am now considering replacing both front wings and front valance with new panels or fibreglass ones so they will never again rust. The plan will be to restore it to showroom condition.

Watch this space.......
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