My name is Margaret, I was born in Preston, Lancashire, in 1949. I spent the early years of my life in Leyland, where my father was Chief Metallurgist at Leyland Motors. When I was 15 my parents, brother and myself moved and i met my Husband, Bernard. We have lived in the here ever since.
I have many interests, including horse-riding, walking, skiing, koi carp, languages and, of course, Ford Capris.

In August 1985 we took delivery of the car. In those days new cars weren't always carried around on transporters. So it had a few hundred miles on the clock when we picked it up, having made the journey from Cologne under its own steam. What an exciting day that was. The first brand new car we had ever owned !. Apart from a poorly fitting driver's door, which was rectified by the garage, there were few problems.
At first it was our only car so was used on a daily basis but it wasn't long before my husband's employer provided him with a company car and the Capri became our second vehicle, hence the low mileage.
My husband gradually lost interest in the car and when it was about 15 years old he suggested it should be sold. I was very unhappy about
this so we came to an agreement - if I insured the car in my name and took over all the maintenance and running costs, it could stay.
It had all it's services and  MOT's at the garage where we bought it but as time went by I got the impression that they were becoming increasingly unwilling or unable to get the parts for it. So in 2000 I joined Capri Club International and a whole new world of information and contacts opened up to me. It was through the pages of the monthly magazine that I became aware of the Surrey Capri Club, which I joined in the summer of 2006.
Meanwhile, the inevitable corrosion started to appear. In 2001 I had the alloys refurbished plus some minor repairs carried out but the rust re-appeared and eventually I decided more drastic surgery was required.
So in December 2005 I took the car to a local bodyshop to have both front wings replaced. I was luckly enough to find genuine Ford wings (even though it meant importing one of them from Sweden !).  

The job was a great success. Apart from a rotten headlamp bowl (a nerve-wracking experience-don't ask me how I managed to find a new, genuine one in one day flat!), the car appeared to be good and sound. When I picked it up from the bodyshop I was delighted. Not only had they fitted the new wings, they had also removed every blemish from the paintwork, resprayed much of the car, including the slam panel and battery tray, fitted a new window weatherstrip, stone-chip protected the sills and valances, undersealed the car and treated every exposed surface to a good coating of Waxoyl. 
So, now the car looks like new, where do I go from here ?. Well, having come this far together I couldn't even think of selling it. I aim to keep it in good condition and totally standard; to increase my technical knowledge (I'm hoping Surrey Capri Club can help me here); and, above all, to get out and enjoy owning and driving it for as long as I possibly can.  
Technical Specifications :
MK 3 - 2.0 Litre Laser in Strato Silver.
Totally standard & mostly original.
We bought the Laser in 1985 from our local Ford dealership to replace a 2.0 GL Capri which we had purchased from the same dealership some years earlier. We looked at various marques and models but kept being drawn back to the lovely, sleek lines of the Capri in the Ford brochure. A 2.8i was more than we could really afford so we opted for a 2-litre Laser, the price: our old 2.0 GL and 4,700 (a lot of money in those days). It came with alloys as standard so we asked for locking wheel nuts and I insisted that it also be fitted with mud flaps. 

Margaret Elliott - MK 3 2.0 Laser
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