Gary Chapman - MK3 3.0 Ghia
I purchased my Capri in March 1985 having previously owned two others. This one was purchased second hand from a private seller in New Malden, Surrey, after spending three months looking for a Black 3.0 Ghia automatic without a vinyl roof and boot spoiler and with a beige interior. Only to find out later that with a beige interior was special order only. My Capri also came with headlamp washers which were an optional extra. Seven spoke alloys were added in 1986 from a salvage 2.8i Special. In 1992 after two reconditioned automatic gearboxes  this daily driver was treated to a secondhand Half Leather Interior including carpet, door cards, parcel shelf and all fittings but not the dashboard or headlining. 
With the addition of three children a larger house (and mortgage) my pride and joy was used less and less and as a third car spent most of it's time in the garage. After I was made redundant for the second time in 1999 she failed her MOT on some minor faults and her road tax expired. She was left in the garage on SORN and regulary started up, awaiting finances for rebirth.
Having got my life and finances back together in June 2005 I took the plunge to get her back on the road with
After another three weeks I finally got my Capri and all the parts which had been removed on a trailer back to my place of work and locked up in one of our warehouses. Then the real fun started. I was only allowed to store my car at work temporary as we were relocating and the warehouses were being emptied.
So there she was dishevelled unable to move and 40 miles from home. Whilst waiting for my non existent repairs to take place I had rejoined the Capri Club International and got hooked on E-Bay for spares. Having checked her over I made a list of all the spare parts that I thought I would need and went about sourcing them through E-Bay, CCI and Motor Accessory shops. Exhaust manifolds, water pump, cylinder head gaskets, plugs, points, thermostat and housing, handbrake cable, number plates the list was endless. This together with the hoses which had been cut off and various other items which had been broken when removed. I spent my lunchtimes trying to do bits and pieces on the car so that it would keep the final bill for putting it back together down. I decided that as the heads were off might as well get them converted to unleaded. Having finally got all the bits together and running out of storage time fast, it was time to find someone to put it all back together. Three more failed recommended mechanics later, you have no idea how hard it is to find someone to take on someone else's mess.
Finally my Capri was on the back of a trailer and off to John's workshop to have it's engine put back together. After discovering a missing pushrod down the distributor, and telling me that I had bought the wrong water pump but he fitted it anyway. I got the best phone call I'd had in ages John rings me and says listen to this, engine cranks and fires first time music to my ears! John "30 years a Ford man" says he's had a good look over my Capri and tells me that he will only be happy when he sees me drive my car out of his workshop and home as he knows how much she means to me. John was genuine, his prices were fair I paid him up for the rebuild and he quoted me up for the MOT and possible repairs and he cracked on. Car was put in for MOT and failed, no surprise as it didn't have a handbrake cable another part that had been "removed". Further work including welding a small hole in the floor pan, together with new track control arms, handbrake cable, front disc pads, rear shoes she obtained an MOT in Jan 2006. Taxed and Insured and you guessed it drove it home from the workshop.
Since then I have joined the Surrey Capri Club, attend regular meets and shows tinker and drive my Capri as often as possible doing what I call nice miles (back and forward to work 80 mile round trip does not qualify!).
Specifications :
Engine: Standard Essex 3.0 V6, Unleaded Cylinder Head Conversion. Limited Edition Capri K&N Air Filter. Custom Made Magnecor Ignition Leads. Bonnet Gas Struts. Chrome Rocker Covers. 2inch Bore CCI Performance Exhaust System Inc Manifolds With Beast Back Boxes (No Silencer 3inch Exit).
Interior :  Renovated Half Leather Interior With Additional Rear Headrests, Uprated Front Seatbelts, 280 ("Brookie") Steering Wheel.
Miscellaneous : Clear Front Indicators, Remote Passenger Side Mirror From a LHD Capri.
Future Plans : 4 Pot Austin Princess Calipers.
Update: Steel Timing Gear Fitted Feb 2007. Black Dashboard and under Panels April 07, Aldon Ignitor Electronic Ignition Fitted March 08. Rear Bilstein Shocks fitted January 09. 280 15inch Alloys fitted February 09. Polybushed Rear Springs fitted July 09.
Wish List : Re-Spray.

the help of a friendly mechanic from work. After having the car for some five months and being told that things were moving along. I was devasted to find that having been told the car was running I was staring at the tops of pistons and my pride and joy had more engine parts in the boot than under the bonnet.
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