I have always been interested and involved with cars from an early age, being taken round shows in a push car with my parents, I used to always be in the garage with my dad "helping" as a kid growing up . My dad has always been involved with street / hot rods and has been involved in hundreds of projects through the years I've been growing up. uncles on both sides into customer car and yanks and one now self employed doing customer cars. A god father who used to build project track cars and a granddad who had a sting of fast Cortina's and Escorts including a Lotus Cortina. So you could says motor oil is in my blood.

My First Car was a Mk1 Escort a nice little 1300 XL automatic, very odd car for someone now to have as their first, I followed this up with a Mk3 Capri with the idea of putting it basically under the Escort, due to an a gearbox fault this didn't happen and I ended up running the Capri and selling the Escort. From here I played a little with the Capri and ended up selling that one as a project in favour for the one I currently have. 

Anthony Moules --  Mk3 2.0 Laser

First came out the garage as a standard 2 litre laser after a back to rolling shell restoration, standard engine, body work and interior.
This didn't last long first change was the rear seats, these were removed in favour of 2 subs, 2 6x9's and 1 amp, this with a set of midi's in the front doors.
From here I added a vented front bonnet and an escort front bumper with the indcators located in it with fog lights.
With these I fitted a turbo tail and a rear window louver jus to look a bit more unque. I have also fitted BMW angle eye headlights to replace the dim standard headlights. In late 2008 I cleaned a seperate head completely, de-coked all of it and replaced what was needed also fitted a Kent fast road cam and managed to restore the engine to the same power level as when it was originally made. After this I ran the car every day rain or shine and eventually the car began to go down hill. Rust started to appear in all wings and sills. October 2010 I took the desicion to take the car off the road, due to events this ended up being Febuary 2011.

The plan was a simple wing replacement to swap all 4 wings, this turned into fitting 4 fibre glass X-pack wings, this has then lead to an engine swap which will be a 2 litre Zetec.
Of course nothing is simple I started at the rear and took everything apart in turn cleaned it and replaced as needed and refitted. Simple(ish) until the front wings came off, nothing but hopes and dreams holding te front together. Now she is my long term project but still wouldn't swap her for the world.
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